Chitra Sundaram is a London-based dance artist of distinction, widely recognised in India, Britain, and in the international dance community. She is acclaimed over decades of performance for her technique, artistry and performative intelligence. Primarily a soloist, Chitra’s long history of international performance & choreography includes collaborations with Akademi, inDance/Hari Krishnan (Canada), Divya Kasturi, Mavin Khoo Dance, Seeta Patel, Anita Ratnam (India), Shane Shambhu, SIFAS (Singapore), and Union Dance. As mentor, she has worked with a number of younger artists making a mark today.

She is equally highly respected for her insights, understanding and engagement with issues surrounding South Asian dance and is an experienced and sought-after panellist, moderator, and keynote speaker, having participated in several important UK & international conferences. Her presentations have been published as papers in conference proceedings in the US, UK and India. As long-time editor of Pulse, the premier South Asian dance magazine from Britain, she propelled the magazine and the South Asian dance scene in Britain to international attention during her tenure by focusing on issues critical for both the dance and the diaspora.

Chitra teaches dance via intensives and workshops at academic and practice-led institutions including South Asian Dance-theatre Performance Methodologies Module for the Drama & Performance Department at Goldsmiths College, University of London. She is also on the Indian Classical Dance Faculty of the ISTD. Chitra has served as a Trustee of Westminster Arts and is a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts.